What we believe

INSTA Electric enjoys a good relationship with its customers, suppliers and employees. It’s about how we work with each other: respectful, tolerant, open for anyone and achieving targets together. That’s what we believe!

The management and employees conduct themselves according to the following values:

  • Innovation is our continuous task regarding product solutions and complex system concepts as  well as technical and organizational development of the company.
  • Technological competence is the basis of our company. Our long-term employees who have worked many years at INSTA carry this culture to our new employees in all areas.  
  • Efficiency: We are driven by cost consciousness on all levels of the company so that our customers, employees and the entire company benefit from the efficiency of our work.
  • Problem Solving: Despite all resistances, we overcome problems by focusing on targets and solutions until we have achieved a satisfactory solution for all.
  • Responsibility and reliability: We work self dependent and stick to our commitments.
  • Honesty and openness means to us that who gives information receives information.
  • Loyalty to INSTA means to us that, with combined power and dedicated teamwork and personal enthusiasm, we act towards the well-being of the company.
  • We offer equal opportunities based on qualification and accomplishments of the individual, free of  discrimination and privilege.
  • Fairness in everything is our main goal.

INSTA ELECTRIC S.A.  B-dul București 16A, RO-620144  Focșani, VN, România  T +40 237 215 300