Final event

Focsani, April 18th 2016 

    The total project value is EUR 954’369 with a financial support of Norway Grants and Innovation Norway not exceeding 50%. 

   The project’s scope is to support the “greening of the management and production processes in order to become more competitive and reduce the company’s environmental impact”. 

    The project’s specific objectives are:

 1) Redesigning the energy supply process by a) installing solar and hybrid panels on the roof top, with an installed power of 0.441 MW b) installing a pellet heating system c) implementing several energy saving measures d) installing a low-consumption LED lighting system

 2) Contributing to local community welfare by organising a ”Save Energy” awareness campaign Successfully completed By today, all installation works are successfully completed. 

Currently, Insta is in the probation period of their production capacities, which will take 2 weeks, and during which measurements are being conducted with equipment installed by an authorized company. The testing is done according order 74 / 2013 of ANRE (“procedure of putting under tension for the testing and establishing the technical conformity of photovoltaic production units”). This testing precedes the PIF and afterwards the final license for energy producing. 

    INSTA Electric S.A. functions as a role model Insta, with the support and contribution of Norway Grants, therefore proposes to its partners and customers a greener and more economical business and marketing model, innovatively built around the concept of ecological management of production processes, thus able to realize a new range of Romanian developed, produced and distributed new products for the environmentally sensitive and advanced customers. Insta is aware of this responsible task and looks forward to go ahead courageously and proudly as a role model for their branch of trade, partners and employees. According to the motto of “do good and make it known”, Insta is working on a green business model with the aim of selling their products with a proper label “produced in Romania with 100% renewable energy”. Grateful Insta would like to thank to all involved parties for the successful project completion and especially to Norway Grants and Innovation Norway for the ongoing support.

    Insta is very pleased to invite the H.E. Ambassador Tove Bruvik Westberg from the Royal Norwegian Embassy and their distinguished Programme Manager and Programme Operators from Green Industry Innovation Programme Bulgaria and Romania to the final event which will take place on June 8th . 


INSTA ELECTRIC S.A.  B-dul București 16A, RO-620144  Focșani, VN, România  T +40 237 215 300