OEM producer of low-voltage electrical apparatus for household and professional applications

Plastic injection moulding and overmoulding

Electrical and electronic cable cords and assemblies

Electrical and electro-technical assembling

About Us

We have been founded in 1982 as the state-owned company „Întreprinderea de Aparataj Electric pentru Instalații” and cumulated since a reach experience and cultural inheritance.

We became a private company in 1996 and changed our name to Insta Electric SA.

Starting with November 2010 we are a part of the Swiss ELBET Holding AG group, with a several decades tradition in engineering, producing and distributing electrical and electro-technical equipment and solutions, together with Max Hauri AG, DISA Elektro AG and AWAG Electrotechnik AG.

            As of February 2011 we joined the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Romania.

          We are inspired in the development and transformation of our company and products by our customers. We follow the highest quality standards and work, by traditional and new partnerships alike, with a complex and functional network of partners from Romania, Switzerland, EU and Asia, thus guaranteeing optimum technical solutions, procurement, auxiliary services and logistics.

fundal principal


  • Product and solutions development
  • 3D engineering, prototyping
  • Suppliers’ and materials’ selection and control according customr’s standards and applicable norms
  • QA / QC in line
  • Tampon printing
  • Metal coating
  • Development and manufacturing of personalized packing materilas (labels, bags, boxes, etc)
  • Import& Export, stocking, logistics


  • 1982 –„Întreprinderea de Aparataj Electric pentru Instalații” is founded
  • 1996 – The company becomes privately-owned and changes its name to Insta Electric SA
  • 2010 – Elbet Holding AG Elveția takes over the majority of shares
  • 2011 – Insta Electric SA becomes a member of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Romania
  • 2016 – The implementation of the project “Harnessing Solar Energy – A Greener Business Model” is finalized
  • 2016 – Insta Electric starts production in the new electro-technical assembling department




INSTA ELECTRIC S.A.  B-dul București 16A, RO-620144  Focșani, VN, România  T +40 237 215 300