Harnessing solar energy  – a greener business model for INSTA


    Faced with scarce resources and ecological degradation, we have come to a common consensus that everyone should respect and protect nature while integrating a sense of ecological awareness into everyday economic and business activities such as and cultural and social, in order to make the world more beautiful and achieve a sustainable development in general. Our society and industry are based on large amounts of energy and the world is becoming more and more dependent on fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, etc.).

     The industrialized nations of Western Europe and North America, China and India depend almost entirely on these fuels, and developing nations also record an increase in consumption.

     We understand that there is a direct link between how we produce energy and the damage caused by pollution. Adopting more “clean” ways of producing electricity / energy is now seen as very important for the future of our planet. Our company SC INSTA Electric SA, Focsani / Romania, is particularly committed to reducing emissions and saving energy and is therefore constantly looking for new “green” solutions and concepts.

    INSTA launches with the support of “Innovation Norway” and “Norway Grants” a project to install an independent photovoltaic system on the roof of the production hall, covering an area of approximately 4000m2, which aims at capitalizing 500’000 KWh of energy per year. Insta also wants to install a solar water heating system to become independent of external power sources, thus reducing the possible CO2 emissions to the maximum. We plan, according to the project, to be ready for the commissioning and connection of the systems at the end of 2015.

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